What you will need to know about Facelift Procedure

All You Need to Know About Facelift Procedure

In case you’re battling with any of these ageing signs, then you may want to consider getting a facelift . This is a highly individualised cosmetic procedure that aims at creating a smooth and even facial appearance. The surgical procedure can be performed on both men and women depending on individual needs.

Ageing is a natural process that comes with its sets of challenges and among them include the appearance of wrinkles, freckles, and sagging skin. Although skin ageing may happen to everyone, it becomes worse when it is accompanied by extreme roughness.

What is involved in the Facelift procedure?

A facelift is usually offered as an outpatient surgical practice. General anaesthesia, local anaesthetics, and sedatives may be used in the process. In most cases, it involves any or combination of the following procedures;

Before going for a facelift, it is advisable to talk to your surgeon about the benefits of the procedure and whether you are a suitable candidate. Additionally, it is crucial to consider evaluating facelift before and after photos. Doing so helps you understand the type of results you can expect. Sometimes facelift may not be necessarily surgical.

Some procedures are designed to only help eliminate the appearance of wrinkles. Those with severe wrinkles, sagging skin, and other related issues can opt for a complete facelift. The surgeon will advise you accordingly on how to prepare for the surgery.

How long does it take ?

The length of the operation varies depending on the extent and type of surgery being performed. On average, you can expect it to last for 2-4 hours. There are three types of these procedures i.e. traditional, neck lift and limited incision. In a traditional facelift, incisions are made in the hairline and around the ears.

Limited incision involves making of small cuts around ears and at the temples but for a neck lift, incisions are made at the back of the hairline and in front of the ears.
Benefits of facelift

After evaluating your facelift before and after photos, you’ll find out that the procedure helps to:

  • Redefine and tighten the neck. This prevents a turkey neck which is often characterised by drooping of the skin around the neck. Such a condition can make you feel many years older than you are.
  • Loosen the jowls. Jowls can make you look like a Redbone or a bulldog which is quite embarrassing.
  • Get rid of deep lines and wrinkles. These are often caused by loss of tissue structure and volume. Facelift softens and restores them making you look young.
  • Improve facial contours. When performed correctly, a facelift can smoothen the cheeks, lower eyelids and heighten facial contours. This is great if you have fleshy skin.
  • Eradicates skin sagging. This is a sign of ageing and most anti-ageing cream may not guarantee results, but a facelift can help.

If what you see in the mirror is not what you feel like, then find a surgeon to guide you on the type of facelift procedure that is suitable for you.

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