What Procedures are Best for Sagging Jowls

Best Procedure For Saggy Jowls

In humans, jowls are usually a saggy or excess skin that is usually found on the neck part of the human body on the location of a chin and jawline. A number of people develop minor jowls when ageing and the skin starts becoming less elastic.

There are several factors that highly contribute to sagging jowls such as stress, heredity, lifestyle choices and repetitive habits related to facial that can lead to pronouncing of the jowls at any age bracket. The most ultimate cause that leads to sagging jowls is ageing.

The skin ages and starts losing some compounds that are important in maintaining its shape especially collagen, fat and connective tissue proteins. The skin becomes full and less resilient hence becoming less resistance to gravity and it slowly starts to sag.

Care needs to be taken to prevent the sagging jowls such as avoiding consumption of alcohol, chewing gum excessively, much talking over the cell phone. Exercises need to be undertaken to reduce the severity and appearance of the jowls.

The best procedure for Sagging jowls

Neck Contouring

Neck Contouring applies to a skin that is relatively smooth. It is the involvement of neck liposuction that removes the fat cells from a double chin. Beneath the chin, there are tiny incisions at the back of the ears.

There is the removal of excess fat using small medical tools to create a shape of a more defined neckline. After surgical operation, patients possess a chin that is special that helps in keeping pressure for quite a number of weeks. A Patient needs to report the bruising and swelling that generally have a disappearance after weeks.

Neck Lift

It involves the removal of excess skin and tightening of loose neck muscles by a surgeon. There is a combination of two procedures giving the beautiful and more defined jawlines. Through the small chins, the tissue underneath in excess is removed and there is the restoration of a more young-looking jawline and neck. Click here to see skin tightening!

Thread lifting is an efficient and most effective way of rejuvenating a skin that is sagging. Normally on the skin, there is the insertion of a thread that causes lifting and rejuvenating effect for a period of between six and eight weeks. Click here to see why you should choose us!

The thread needs to stay under the skin for a period of up to 8 months and the results last until 18 months. Thread lifting is performed under anaesthesia with no incisions or cuts on the skin. The procedure is conducted with the aim of handling the sags and folds on different areas of the body.

Finally, the procedure entails placement of fine threads in the skin of a patient and usually preferred by different people or individuals that help in tackling the sags and folds on different parts of the body that may not be reached

Benefits for the procedure of sagging jowls

  • helps to reduce the level of fat that lays underneath the jawline
  • makes one appear young and good looking in the eye of the public
  • creates a sense of confidence especially during conversation
  • helps in the reduction of harmful substances that lay underneath the jawline. When performing surgical operations the skin can be aligned in the correct structure hence maintaining a good shape

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